Fotographer, Graphic Designer, Artist

To achieve fame and fortune through the exploitation of my innate artistic abilities.

Zugaikotsu's work endeavors to illustrate the inherent beauty in the world. The Artist's quest is to capture that fleeting, elusive moment when the visage of mere mortals approaches that of the divine. As an artist and fotographer, Zugaikotsu seeks a balance between invoking his own inner fantastic visions, and bringing out the pure unique integrity of his subjects. There is much yet to be said in the vernacular of the Symbolists, the Pre-Raphaelites, and the Photo Secessionists. But, by stripping things down to their essences, one is able to uncover the truth.

Music is the second passion of Zugaikotsu. Currently a drummer in a world fusion ensemble, his musical interests are vast and varied. A select playlist may include: Bat for Lashes, Sigur Rós, Mars Volta, Afrirampo, Mercan Dede, and Devotchka.